Wizard? Dictionary.com calls it, " a person of amazing skill or accomplishment." Actually, in this context, a dream team of wizards on your side, as you need them and when you need them, which could include: A Mentor • An SEO Expert • A Social Media Manager • A Business Plan Developer/Writer • A Marketing Wiz • A Brand Strategist • An Influencer • A Reputation Manager • A Competitive Intelligence Researcher • A Graphic Designer • A Website Designer • A Propellerhead • A Financial Analyst • A Lawyer • A Patent Attorney • A CPA • A Bookkeeper • A Statistical Analyst • A Business Process Engineer • A Food Technologist • A Manfacturing Specialist • A Prototypist • An Offshore Agent • An Import/Export Broker • A Venture Capitalist • An Angel • A Rainmaker • A Banker • A Distributor • A Negotiator • A Trade Show Specialist • A Translator • A Headhunter/Talent Finder • and more...


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